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 First Boss Naxxaramas - Anub'Rekhan

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PostSubject: First Boss Naxxaramas - Anub'Rekhan   Fri Feb 06, 2009 4:50 am

I am going to write something about the first run that we have done in Naxxramas.
The group was composed by: 3 healers, 1 MT, 1 OT, and 5 DPS.
We have begun to clear the Naxxramas' arachnid quarter and we have met an enormous beetle: Anub'Rekhan. The first mobs are not difficult to defeat so we have spent all the time (Ithink more or less 2 hours) to kill the boss; we did not know very well the strategies to do that and we have done many attempts.

Anub'rekhan will require one tank positioning him against the wall opposite his door. Players will perform their roles while avoiding being Impaled and his Locust Swarm debuff. Throughout the fight Anub'rekhan will summon Crypt Guards who must be picked up by offtanks and killed. When a Crypt Guard dies, Corpse Scarabs will spawn that must be killed (they will always spawn from the corpse of a dead player). When Anub'rekhan casts Locust Swarm, the tank must kite him around the side of the room while making sure he keeps far enough ahead to not gain stacks of Locust Swarm. Once the tank reaches the opposite side of the room, the fight goes on as normal with as many more transitions as necessary.

Locust Swarm - Anub'Rekhan will release a locust swarm that damages players within 30 yards around him and applies a stacking DoT that deals 875 to 1125 Nature damage every 2 sec. While the spell is active, Anub'Rekhan will move at 60% of his normal movement speed. Any players afflicted by the Locust Swarm will be unable to use spells or attack for the duration of the effect.
Impale - Anub'Rekhan will target a random player and send a line of spikes out towards the player, hitting everyone in a straight line between him and his target. Players hit by these spikes will take 4813 to 6187 physical damage and will be knocked into the air, suffering reduced fall damage when they land.

The first attempt was not very good because we suffer a lot the locust swarm and also the second and the third attempt. I think we have tried to get him down 7th times. The last time was quite easy and we haven't suffer a lot. It was a great battle with a nice group and very nice friend. I have enjoyed a lot the time.
I really like now my new healing spec and I am improving everyday. For me, as an holy paladin, it is quiet easy to heal a single target and for that reason I felt good to heal the MT (Divinedeath has done a great job).
Thank guys for the run and see you.

ps.: sorry for my english Rolling Eyes
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PostSubject: Re: First Boss Naxxaramas - Anub'Rekhan   Fri Feb 06, 2009 10:23 am

basically, noone remembered to bring bugspray, so it took bloody ages!


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First Boss Naxxaramas - Anub'Rekhan
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