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PostSubject: Template!   Template! Icon_minitimeFri Feb 20, 2009 6:38 am

While its easy to join the Great Crusade guild. the Raid Crusade is much harder to get into!
please fill this out and post it here. then either me or Divine will accept or decline u!

Real Name (Only 1st Name):
Real Age:
Real Location(Under 18s Do NOT give location!):
Real Job:
Character Name:
Character Level:
Character Class:
Character Spec:
Raid Experience:
Previous Guilds:
Anything Else:
Have you got a Mic and Skype?:
If not, are you willing to get them?:

or if you dont want to riad, and just want a casual spot fill this out:

Real Name:
Real Age:
Character Name:
Character Level:
Why Do You Want To Join:
Who In The Guild Will Vouch For You?:(IF you dont have someone then you cant join):
Who Do You Know In The Guild:

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Template! Ssig-370942
Template! Ssig-370927

92 % of teenagers population has moved on to RAP.
IF YOU are part of the 8 % that still head bang and love metal then, copy and paste this
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