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 Raiding Plans

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PostSubject: Raiding Plans   Fri Feb 20, 2009 4:27 pm

Ok heres how i want to do the raid setup

* Have a raid group (10 man) that does all T7 raids.

*when we have enough people, we have 2 raid groups running simultneously. One led by me and one by divinedeathh

*by then we will be able to start a 25 man group

*when we are geared full 10 man T7, the 2 raid groups move onto T8, same setup. by then me and divine will have our second pair of level 80s, they will start doing step one, with all the people who arent geared enough. (but on different days)

*after a while we will create the 25 man T8

* then T9 will come, out and so on.


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Raiding Plans
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