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 Example of a filled out application

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PostSubject: Example of a filled out application   Fri Feb 20, 2009 4:51 pm

Real Name (Only 1st Name): Alex
Real Age: 14
Real Location(Under 18s Do NOT give location!): ...
Real Job: Idiot
Character Name: Wolkid
Character Level: 80
Character Class: Hunter
Character Spec: Survival
Raid Experience: All sorts
Previous Guilds: CotH, GC
Anything Else:nope Smile
Have you got a Mic and Skype?: yes
If not, are you willing to get them?: i have em


92 % of teenagers population has moved on to RAP.
IF YOU are part of the 8 % that still head bang and love metal then, copy and paste this
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Example of a filled out application
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