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 A tip for slow levelrs!

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A tip for slow levelrs! Empty
PostSubject: A tip for slow levelrs!   A tip for slow levelrs! Icon_minitimeTue Dec 02, 2008 3:42 pm

ok heres what you do:

1. go on another server (same type (normal server))
2. create a horde char of any class you like
3. whenever you get bored of chatting and your slow leveling, go on the other char and do a few quests in solitude
Tip. get Questhelper and Cartographer to help you level faster
4. once you character hits 80 do a paid migration over to Aszune, and youll have a high level all ready suddenly

this works because when your alknig in th guild, you take over 3x as long to complete quests, and when you gt bored of the conversation, you wont want to run around on your own, youll want to log off, so instead of logging off you mke a guildless char on another server to level, it will be much faster.

PS i say on another server, because if you create it on Aszune then you are highly tempted to join the guild, and that slows leveling.

A tip for slow levelrs! Ssig-370932
A tip for slow levelrs! Ssig-370935
A tip for slow levelrs! Ssig-370942
A tip for slow levelrs! Ssig-370927

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A tip for slow levelrs!
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