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 Guild Raids!

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PostSubject: Guild Raids!   Guild Raids! Icon_minitimeSat Jan 24, 2009 4:38 pm

Here are the rules for guild raids:

Time: 6:00-9:00pm Server Time!
Day/Place: Tuesday or Thursday/Check the Guild Message of the Day!
Am I in the raid?:
10 Man: The 10 man raid team consists of the Class Leaders in the guild! If a class leader in not Online for the raid, then the Class Assistant takes his spot. If he is also offline, then anyone can take up the place (provading they can do the same task!)
25 Man: The 25 man raid team consistos of the Class Leaders and Class Assistants aswell as 5 other random guild members! any Class leaders/Assistants offline can be replaced by someone who does the same job!

Loot Rules:
The loot will be Master Looter, after an item drops, we check which guild member in the raid needs it the most and give it to them, in a tie we roll. for any other things (Onyxia's Head, Magtheridon's Head etc.) Wolkid will take them and everone will come to hand in the quest.
If 2 people want an item then the highest rank gets it! if the ranks are equal, then the person with the worst current equip gets it. if they cant decide then the GM has the deciding vote. ALL BoE go into the GB

Anything not mentioned here?:
just throw me a Pm and ill add it!

Guild Raids! Ssig-370932
Guild Raids! Ssig-370935
Guild Raids! Ssig-370942
Guild Raids! Ssig-370927

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Guild Raids!
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