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 Guild Story

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PostSubject: Guild Story   Fri Sep 05, 2008 3:08 am

Ok, I have decided to post the story of my life on Aszune!

Last year i moved to Aszune after i found out that my dad had characters there! i quickly created my Warlock, (Walkid) and joined my dads friends guild <The Collective> i was fine there for about 3-4 weeks, then they split into 2 guilds and i was kicked and asked to join the lower one, i declined and made my own guild <Chosen of the Horde> we quickly racked up 400 members but my guild assistant, Wochinimen left the guild, taking most of the members with him and formed <Infinity Challenge>. CotH was too badly wounded to recover from this and was removed, next i made <The Scourge> a good guild, but other that the issues with its name, it had too many low levels and therefore no-one would up on the list was <Legion of Azeroth> this guild did extremely well, but i ran out of money for 2 im back and have formed <Great Crusade> !!!


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Guild Story
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